Draft: Who renders the future?

The digital is not going away. Digital literacy is needed to navigate it safely. For self-empowerment, (re)claiming rights, designing just systems, participate in rendering the future. (Ruha Benjamin: Imagination is a battlefield)

Within colonized and formerly colonized nations anf for people outside of dominant cultures, access to the means of digital knowledge production is essential for reshaping the dynamics of cultural power and claiming the humanity that been denied by the history of colonialism.
— Roopika Risam in New Digital Worlds

This, in sum, is the radical capacity to understand “a system well enough to control it andto make it do something it wasn’t meant to do, not just de-mystify it”

programming is a variant of “free speech and free assembly”

offer a kind of hacking space: “creating new things, new practices, and new forms of life”

Computer Science



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Web basics

Black coders


Web scraping


Self tracking/Quantified Self

Track yourself to learn about data production…